Artist Development Program

The Artist Development Program provides a safe space for artists to explore their vision.

The Program:

  • Create a safe and supportive environment that fosters exploration.
  • Remove barriers, enabling artists to grow their work naturally and organically.
  • Provided unlimited free studio time and the services of a producer/engineer.
  • Execute all phases of album production from pre-production to release, distribution, duplication, online sales and fulfillment.
  • Distribute and release the final album under the House of Robot label.
  • Build a collaborative and supportive producer/artist relationship.
  • Reinvigorate the lost practice of pre-production.
  • Reintroduce the concept of a studio as a development tool.

Albums from the Program:

Colette / The Beginning of the EndSpotifyBandcamp
Caleb Ray Walker / Canoe BeginningsSpotifyBandcamp
Erin Incoherent / Déjà VuSpotify / BandcampCD & Vinyl

Artist Retreats

The retreat program allows artists to relax, regenerate and recalibrate. Retreats last from one to three days. Later in 2021 we will be launching our single program, where an artists or band will be invited for a one or two day session where we create (and livestream) recording a single from start to finish.