Single Session: Artist Info


  • Daylong tracking session, streamed live!
  • We make a 7″ vinyl that is pre-sold before the event. Sale price is $25.
  • No cost to you! You make money. We split the net sales of the 7″ 50/50. Your share is generally $6/unit.
  • We prefer an unreleased song, less than 5 minutes.
  • We ask that you promote the hell out of the live stream and pre-sale of the vinyl.

How it Works

  • Multi-track or live-session recording to analog 2″ 24 track tape or digital, your choice
  • The entire session is live streamed and recorded with five cameras.
  • The track is mixed after the session. Takes about two weeks. You have full mix approval. Mix notes are welcome.
  • You own the track and all rights. You get a mastered file that you can release. We reserve the right to use the track for studio promotion.
  • We will make a video with the track and footage from the session.

About the Vinyl

  • The vinyl is a single or double sided 7″, lathe cut by an outside vendor.
  • You get half of net sales. Cost to produce and ship is $13 so net is $12. Your share is $6 per unit.
  • Exclusive limited edition! No sales after pre-sale closes.
  • We will pre-print labels and have you sign each one on the session day.
  • Vinyl production takes 4 – 6 weeks after master approval.
  • Max length is 5 minutes per side.
  • We will handle packing and shipping.

Notes about Analog Tracking

  • Tracking to tape is different than digital. Each take erases the previous one and there is no comping or editing. Each take runs the length of the song. We have a total of 24 tracks. That can get very tight very quickly.
  • Tape tracking is old school and tends to lead toward tracks that are real and authentic whereas digital offers greater perfectionism.


  • We do not have backline except a bass amp.
  • Session length depends on the song. Average: 4 – 8 hours.
  • Call time is usually 11am or 12pm.

How to Apply

To be considered for our Single Session program send an email to Include links to your socials, website and Bandcamp/Spotify. This program is a lot of work for us and we can only do a handful per year. We get more applications than we could handle so please understand that if you are not selected it is not a reflection on you or your talent. That said, please do apply!