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Caleb Ray Walker Album Cover Shoot

Just a few photos from our recent photos shoot.

ERin Incoherent Photoshoot 2020-07-03

This was the first photoshoot in the new studio with the new lighting grid. All lights are hot tunsgten (ARi 300s, ETC Leko, Mole Richardson softboxes, lowel tota).

Analog Trenton is now on Amazon

Please consider leaving a review. They really help! Limited Edition Standard Edition

How to Move a REALLY Heavy Recording Console with Only Two People

When we installed this console it took six people to get it in the house. Under lockdown that was not an option. By removing all of the channel strips were were able to get a few hundred pounds off of the frame, which helped a lot. Then using four apple

Robots Must Have More Power

Well it finally happened. We maxed out the power in the house, there was not a single open slot in the breaker box and there was simply not enough power coming in the mains. The old system has been totally gutted and replace with a modern distribution box and a

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